It’s elf on the shelf for the nation!

Image via Facebook @AnGardaSiochana

You may be familiar with elf on the shelf – if not here’s a big explainer:

Across the country, little elves wreak havoc on households by appearing in mysterious places.

But there’s an Ireland-wide version of this too.

Last year, An Garda Síochana launched a huge elf-hunt when a mischievous Santa’s little helper was on the loose.

After escaping from a Dublin garda headquarters last year, Dazzler was found after a nationwide manhunt.

He was spotted in multiple locations across the country, including Father Ted’s house!

Image via Facebook @AnGardaSiochana

He was eventually located, and the Gardaí thanked all the boys and girls who helped them look for him across places like Mayo, Donegal and more.

And he’s back at it this year!

Releasing an official statement on social media, Gardaí said “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”.

They posted a series of image of Dazzler, saying he was back for “some craic”.

They used the hashtag #FindDazzler, or #CéBhuilDazzler and said to check back later for updates.


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There was a lot of fun sightings last year, so we’d imagine it’ll be similar this time round.