He’s all grown up

You never quite know when Ruairi McSorley is going to pop up next.

It’d been all quiet for a number of years when it emerged he was involved in a bit of a brush with death off the Kerry coast last summer.

McSorley was rescued 4km away from the shore after an ordeal that lasted 12 hours.

He was reported missing at 8am on Sunday morning after a walker found his clothes on the beach near Inch in Co. Kerry, and wasn’t located until 8.15pm that evening.

The Independent reports that rescuers were stunned to find him alive so far from shore, surrounded by a pod of dolphins!

But ‘Frostbit Boy’ has emerged again to give the people what they want – a re-enactment of the video that propelled him to internet stardom!

@bigmickthebinman Ive got friends in low places🤦‍♂️ #frostbitboy #frostbit #ruairimcsorley #irish #madman ♬ original sound – BigMickTheBinman

Have to say – we’re digging the swept back hair and bear combo!