Anyone have one of these before?

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Did you ever wake up after a greasy takeaway and your stomach is upside down?

That’d be a ‘food hangover’ you’re experiencing.

Researchers have discovered that a food hangover is a thing but why do people get them?

Late night eating and food intolerances are mostly to blame. report that a survey of 2,000 people examined the issue.


The study found that on average, people will have nine morning stomach cramps a month. Those cramps were related to indulging in some late-night meals.

The research was by Meatless Farm and conducted by OnePoll in the States. It also discovered that two-thirds of people with a food intolerance still eat foods that they shouldn’t – simply because they like it too much.

The most common intolerances in the study were: gluten intolerance (54%), caffeine allergy (45%), high fructose corn syrup allergy (43%) and lactose intolerance (36%).