Soulé is back with a bang(er)!


This week’s First Play comes from one of the most exciting rising stars in the Irish music industry.

Soulé’s ‘Love Tonight’ feat C CANE is the first track from her highly anticipated EP, which is out on Friday (1st March).

‘Love Tonight’ is a feel good song about the honeymoon stage of a new relationship. This fun and energetic track reflects on that unexplainable feeling when someone just makes you come alive!

It captures the butterflies, adventures and the random smiles that cross your face whenever you think about that person.

Soulé’s infectious dance track has rising UK MC artist C Cane on the feature verse. C Cane is causing a storm in the UK at the minute, shutting down grime shows with her explosive bars and releasing music with the likes of Dizzee Rascal in 2018.

You can catch Love Tonight every morning this week on iWork with Michaela Hayes at around 10.35am, and again on IRL with Sharron Lynskey just after 7.30pm.