New music from our favourite Dingle band

walking on cars colours

This week’s First Play on iRadio comes from some very familiar faces in the Irish music scene.

Coldest Water is the second single from Walking On Cars’ new album – Colours – which is out on April 12th. It’s also the follow-up to their massive hit – Monster – which was released in December 2018.

Coldest Water is both deeply personal and instantly catchy and became an instant hit with fans lucky enough to catch the band at a clutch of tiny, sold out album preview shows last month.

This song reflects singer Patrick Sheehy’s relationship with alcohol, something he had never spoken about before because he says he “wanted the music to do the talking and it was all a bit too fresh to be honest”.

 It captures his split mind: on one hand, wanting to stay clean and sober, but on the other wanting to sabotage it all.

“I could never do the “lets go for a drink” thing”, he explains.

“It was either stay at home or go out and wake up in a bush somewhere”. 

Patrick is now five years sober and is able to look back at this with a laugh and a smile.

You can catch Coldest Water every morning this week on iWork with Michaela Hayes at around 10.35am, and again on IRL with Sharron Lynskey just after 7.30pm.