Hundreds of people say they saw a strange ‘fireball’ flying across the sky last night.

The UK Meteor Network says they started receiving reports about the anomaly around 9 o’clock last night.

The International Meteor Organisation has so far recorded 876 reports of a ‘glowing flash’ in the skies last night.

Most of the reports of a ‘glowing flash’ came from more northern counties, with sightings in county Louth and across Northern Ireland and in Scotland.

Here, there were reports coming from as far south as Dublin:

One Scottish eye witness said:

“I was walking my dog and it was strangely enough 10pm on the dot and I just saw the flash in the sky and pulled out my phone and recorded it.

“I thought it may be a firework at first because there was a lot of Scottish football on but quickly realised it wasn’t and just grabbed my phone to see if I could catch it,”

The UK Meteor Network says it’s investigating.