Electric Picnic 2018 festival.

One of Ireland’s most influential festival organisers has given some confidence to those hoping for an outing this summer. 

Head of events giant MCD, Denis Desmond, was interviewed by the Irish examiner recently and shed some light for festival goers.

Desmond is confident that Electric Picnic and Longitude will happen this summer after all the setbacks.

In the interview, he said, “There is no reason other than logistics around the rollout of the vaccines here why this summer cannot happen.”

He goes on to say he’s “hugely optimistic” that MCD will be back staging summer concerts in 2021.

Electric Picnic is currently set for a 70,000-capacity in September.

96% of tickets are sold for the event, made up of those who brought forward tickets they had in 2020.

MCD are planning on announcing additional acts to their EP line-up in March, and the remaining tickets will then go on sale.

Desmond also revealed in the interview that they’ve fully booked the line-up for this years Longitude.

However, with this optimism comes skepticism for other gigs happening in 2021.

“I don’t see any major acts touring this year as there will still be massive restrictions on travelling.”

“Stadium acts who need big productions won’t be able to tour this year, they need three to four months to set it up.”

He said: “All the big stadium tours will happen in 2022.”

So will we be in socially distanced circles having a bop? Or are things going to be as normal?

“The return to business involves no social distance, and I see no reason why that can’t happen this summer,” Desmond said.

Some good news for music lovers and festival heads. Fingers crossed for summer 2021!