Sleep during this heat? Never heard of it.. 

Here in Ireland, we’re not used to temperatures staying in the 20s at night.

When a heatwave comes around, it nearly always amounts to a few days of broken sleep.

Neil Stanley is author of How To Sleep Well and has been advising people in The Telegraph on how to fall asleep in the heat.

So if you’re finding it hard to nod off or you’re sweating under the blankets, here are some useful tips:

1 – Get a fan for your home and office

We all know a fan cools you down. But Neil recommends putting a bag of frozen peas in front of it for an ‘icy blast’ of cold air.

2 – Avoid alcohol


Image via Unsplash

Drinking alcohol can leave you dehydrated, which leads to feelings of being hot and bothered at night.

3 – Keep windows closed 

Opening windows let’s the hot air in, according to Neil, so keep the windows closed and the curtains closed too.

4 – Keep your pillow cool

A cool pillow can help your sleeping pattern and even putting it in the freezer works.

5 – Use a hot/cold water bottle 

The sleep expert reckons putting freezing cold water in a hot water bottle will have the opposite effect of cooling you down.

6. Ditch the duvet

It might be uncomfortable at first, but duvets can build up serious heat. Cotton PJs are recommended to stay cool, too.

7. Eat a light dinner

(Image: Pixabay)

Consuming too many calories before bed will require more to be burned off, creating more heat regulation problems.