‘It Took A Toll On Me’. Eric Roberts Opens Up About Brutal Squid Game: The Challenge Conditions


In an exclusive iRadio interview with Louise Clarke from The Hub, Irish social media sensation Eric Roberts unveils his thrilling experience inside the highly anticipated Netflix reality series, ‘Squid Game: The Challenge.’

With over 100,000 applicants vying for a spot and after a year of keeping it under wraps, Eric can now share the excitement of participating in the groundbreaking show, set to be the biggest reality sensation ever with a staggering 5 million dollars at stake.

Filmed in London in January 2023, ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ promises mind-blowing sets and a truly immersive experience.

“Red Light, Green Light Lasted Eight Hours. Some People Took Longer”

The first game, the iconic red light green light challenge, posed a formidable hurdle, eliminating half of the 456 contestants. Proudly representing Ireland and his hometown of Donegal, Eric had to navigate the intense competition and revealed to Louise Clarke on The Hub about how brutal some of the games were. ‘Red Light- Green Light’ took over 8 hours to finish with contestants having to stand still for up to 40 minutes at a time.

Despite the secrecy surrounding his involvement, news broke last week, fueling the hype both online and in the Irish press.

As ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ takes the reality show scene by storm, Eric Roberts emerges as a key player, ready to captivate audiences worldwide with his journey through this high-stakes competition.


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