The High Court has decided that if Enoch Burke continues to defy an order to stay away from Wilson’s Hospital School, he will have to pay a daily fine of 700 euro.

Despite being dismissed from his teaching role last week, Mr Burke has continued to attend at the Co Westmeath school.

On the 7th of Sept last year, Enoch Burke was suspended from his teaching job on full pay pending the outcome of a disciplinary process arising from his refusal to address a transitioning student by a new name and with a gender-neutral pronoun.

The High Court later ordered him not to attend at the school until the process was complete. He refused to do so and spent 108 days in prison for contempt.

His failure to secure an injunction to put a stop to the disciplinary process paved the way for the school to dismiss him last week for serious misconduct.

Despite that, he has continued to show up at the school.

Mr J Brian O’Moore today described his continued attendance as ‘utterly pointless’ and, following an application earlier this month, has decided to impose a daily fine. If he fails to purge his contempt by 2pm tomorrow, he’ll be fined 700 euro for every day that passes until he does so.