Elon Musk insists Kanye West’s Twitter account was restored before his multi-billion dollar takeover was finalized.

The world’s richest man has introduced a “content moderation council”.

This has been introduced so people who’ve been banned from the site will now face this council to have their profiles reinstated.

Concerns have been raised as controversial accounts like Donald Trump’s will be allowed to return to the platform.

But Divya Narendra, who studied alongside Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, says that may not be the wisest decision.

“The entire business model of Twitter relies on advertisers and obviously if you’re Coca-Cola or if you’re another brand you don’t want to be associated with a toxic community.”

The Tesla founder started his takeover with a bang – by firing a number of top executives.

But Gina Sun, who works for Twitter, says she’s looking forward to his leadership:

“I’m half excited, half scared. I’m excited for the new leadership and obviously Twitter struggles to make money…I’m excited to see what he’ll turn Twitter into”.