It plays exclusive voice notes and music from the singer.

Image via Instagram/@warnermusicireland

Ed Sheeran fans got a surprise treat recently as an Ed “listening bench” popped up in the city centre this week.

It was to celebrate the release of Ed’s new album Subtract which is coming out on Friday 5th May.

The bench, which is bright yellow in colour, appeared in Merrion Square Park yesterday. Fans simply had to scan the QR code on the bench to gain access to exclusive music and voice notes from Ed about the new album.

Ed Sheeran announced his new album, Subtract (-), on social media earlier tis year.

It’ll be his fifth mathematical symbol album after +, x, ÷ and =.

There’s also a documentary coming out to coincide with the album. The four-part series will be called Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All and will feature unseen footage from his personal archive as well as some interviews and performances. It’ll also delve into some of the singers personal experiences and how it shaped his music.

The documentary series will be released on Disney+ on May 3rd 2023.