The cost of living crisis is in full swing!

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86% of us feel its now too expensive to eat out.

A study by Bord Bia found that fewer of us are heading out to cafes and restaurants this year, and if we are its for planned events.

Revenues in the restaurant sector went up 13% on last year, pulling in €9.3 billion euro.

However that’s being put down to increased costs being passed on to customers.

Restaurants, cafes and other food outlets will face pressures into next year, according to new research from Bord Bia.

Agriland reports that Bord Bia uncovered a number of emerging trends in food service.

Including, higher prices, sustainable mindset, eating out less often, menu choice consideration, venues with value, mixed reactions to technology and labour shortages.

Maureen Gahan, foodservice specialist at Bord Bia said “the impact of inflation and increased cost of living in general is visible.