How does it feel to be one day closer to death?

Those are the types of questions students in a Dutch University have been asking themselves as they’ve been reflecting on their own mortality to help them deal with exam stress and anxiety.

It’s getting scary close to the Christmas exam period for a lot of students, and if the pressure is getting the better of you and leaving you in a regular state of anxiety and stress then maybe Radboud University have found a way for you to find some relief.

The Netherlands University is encouraging anxious students to try out their “purification grave”.

The grave is managed by a student church at the university. They give you a pillow and a mat to help you get comfortable during your visit. Phones and books are strictly prohibited while using the facility.

If the motivational YouTube videos and Ted Talks aren’t helping you escape your exam-stress, maybe it’s time to fetch a shovel and get started on your own “purification grave” out the back.