A study of Europe’s most eco-friendly cities has Dublin 4th from the bottom of the list.

Image via Pixabay.com

The Irish capital is the 4th least sustainable destination in Europe according to a study carried out by Bounce.

It mentions the high carbon footprint, high level of light pollution and the lack of eco-friendly hotels.

The most positive statistic from the study showed that 65.6% of people walk, cycle or take public transport to work.

It also showed that Dublin has zero Michelin green star restaurants.

Dublin was awarded an overall sustainability score of just 2.91 out of 1o.

Richard Guiney from business group Dublin Town says initiatives like urban farms and greener delivery options will be needed:

“Its really important that we do this properly because if we don’t, it won’t just be the environmental consequences. We will have fines and we will be a less attractive destination for tourists.”

Bounce found Berlin was the most sustainable of the 28 cities with an overall score of 6.98 out of 10.

9.3% of hotels in Berlin are eco-friendly and 84.3% of people there walk, cycle or take public transport to work.

Rotterdam was ranked as the least sustainable city.

It has a very high level of air pollution, a high carbon footprint and a very low percentage of green energy usage.

The second largest city in the Netherlands scored just 1.48 out of 10 on the sustainability scale.

You can check out the table here.