The Whale won Best Makeup & Hairstyling at the Oscars on Sunday night. 

The Whale

Soap company Dove is the latest critic of Oscar winning movie The Whale and it’s use of a fat suit.

Lead actor Brendan Fraser wore heavy prosthetics and makeup, including a body suit, to play his role in the film.

The movie won Best Makeup and Hairstyling for its efforts of making the actor look so different.

But hygiene brand Dove didn’t take kindly to the award being given out, calling for ‘better representation’ in Hollywood.

In the tweet Dove said, “Stop giving fat suits awards!! We want better representation in Hollywood. #LetsChangeBeauty.”

People had differing opinions online, with some pointing to the health dangers of an actor gaining hundreds of pounds to play a certain role.

In interviews, Brendan Fraser spoke about the use of the fat suit and how it allowed him to play the role in the film.

He said it made the whole experience ‘a lot closer’ to living in ‘a body of a man that size’.

Fraser was also the recipient of Best Actor at the awards in the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.