A group of Donegal students are aiming to help Children affected by the Mica Controversy.

Transition Year Pupils from Loreto Secondary School in Letterkenny have set up a Young Social Innovators project called ‘No Place Like Home’,  which campaigns for mica redress, while also supporting affected families, children and students.

Among their initiatives is to organise a New Year’s gift for children affected by mica.

Student Jennifer Chudley, who is a NoPlaceLikeHome YSI Captain; told us how people can help.

“One of the ways we are doing this is getting people to nominate affected children to receive a New Year’s gift, to say ‘well done’ for everything they have been through in the past year relating to mica,” she said.

“We want the public to nominate a child they know who is affected by Mica. They can do that by going onto the ‘No Place Like Home YSI’ Instagram or the ‘Mica Action Group’ Facebook page.