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Vets are revealing the common dog names they’re fed up of hearing in their practices.

Some have been sharing the most overused ones on Reddit, and say they come across certain names over and over again.

The original poster on the side wrote:

I personally am overwhelmed by the names luna and teddy. every single poodle x i come across seems to be named teddy.

(this is no hate towards these names nor the owners that named them. they are popular for a reason!!!)

Luna and Teddy top the list, with one vet saying she sees at least three Lunas at her clinic every week.

And you’d be surprised how frequently the name crops up – especially for cats:

Vets say they see Bailey and Cooper all the time for golden retrievers, and people would be surprised by how many dogs are named Puppy, Doggy or Mr Dog.

Other overused names suggested included Bear, Bella, Loki