Is there anything we’ve been doing right!?

“Chocolate Digestive” by James Bowe is licensed under CC BY 2.0

A digestive biscuit is a simple thing – biscuit and chocolate. How could we possibly be eating it wrong?

Well, according to a food scientist, the vast majority of us could be missing out on a better taste experience.

Tyla reports that Professor Charles Spence, a food scientist at Oxford University, says eating a choccy digestive with the chocolaty side down could vastly improve your enjoyment of eating process.

The research suggests a number of benefits this munching method, including the feeling of the chocolate melting on your tongue.

Meanwhile, for the ultimate serving, the highly scientific study says initially holding the digestive ‘chocolate-up’ to give your brain the sensation of the chocolate coming towards you, before flipping it over before you stick it in your gob will give you the best flavour experience.

After a lifetime of eating the biccies the ‘wrong way’, maybe this is worth a shot!