Its popularity as an obesity treatment has fuelled the Ozempic shortage.


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Doctors are being warned not to prescribe a new diabetes drug for weightloss.

There’s a supply shortage of Ozempic, and the Medical Council, HSE and Department of Health say it should not be prescribed ‘off label’ for any other use including ‘weight management’.

Ozempic has garnered global attention for its potential in treating obesity, but has also become popular among celebrities who want to loose weight.

The drug was originally designed and is licensed for type 2 diabetes in Ireland.

It’s active ingredient, semaglutide, is also being widely prescribed by doctors to treat obesity.

It mimics a hormone which slows the release of insulin, but also extends the feeling of being full.

This has resulted in those with diabetes being prioritised, leaving obesity patients and their doctors demanding answers.

There are alternative medicines for diabetic patients.

Pharmacists are calling for them to be given the authority to change a customer’s medication where there is another option.

Others question how much the State should pay to cover the cost of such drugs.

Once supply increases and the next generation of medicines are on the market here, the potential costs could run to €100 million a year.