Easter chocolate is already out, so this Scottish Chippy have launched a deep fried creme egg.

deep fried creme egg

Image via Facebook

A chippy in Scotland has decided to combine a popular Easter chocolate with a deep fat fryer and create the deep fried Cadbury’s Creme Egg.

Aldo’s Fish & Chip Shop posted their Easter themed creation to their Facebook page with the caption “It’s back, deep fried Creme Egg! It’s only 81 days till Easter.”

This isn’t the first time the fish and chip shop have made the fried treat, they also had it out for last Easter.

The shop has also deep fried snickers to compare them to the classic deep fried mars bar.

They also take some deep frying requests and have deep fried pickled onions too.

People have mixed opinions on the fried egg, with some expressing their views on twitter: