From Fleabagging to Exoskeleton-ing.

The world of dating is like a fast flowing stream, it’s always on the move and if you don’t keep up with it, you get left behind.

It seems every week there’s a new phrase invented to describe an obscure aspect of dating.

Some recent popular ones include ‘caspering’ which is to nicely begin the process of ghosting someone (stop talking to them).

And it seems that 2020 is going to bring with a whole host of new dating phrases, so if you don’t want to get lost in the wild wild west that is dating – here are the terms you’ll need to know over the next 12 months.


Fleabagging is when you consistently date people who are wrong for you, and you’re completely aware of what you’re doing.

According to Plenty of Fish, it’s more common with women, with 63% admitting to Fleabagging compared to just 38% of men.


When you use your Instagram or other social media posts to target one particular love interest.

For example, posting about something on your story that you know will make a particular person reply to you.


This is a reference to the old school telephone dial sounds but with a modern twist.

Dial-Toning is when someone gives you their number, however when you message them they never reply.


This one is mainly for girls, and refers to when you’ve gone and done all your make up only for your plans to be dropped at the last minute.

Leaving you standing there fully ready to go out.

White Clawing.

When you date someone purely because you find them physically attractive, but you actually find their company extremely uninspiring.


A strange one, it means when the ex of your current partner continues to reach out to you.


If you’ve been Kanye’d, it means that you’re dating someone who can’t get enough of the sound of their own voice. These folk love talking about themselves, and rarely ask you a question about yourself.


This refers to a partner who begins to copy the hobbies and characteristics of the person they’re dating.