It’s 11/11 – make a wish!

Image via Pixabay

A child born on the 11/11/11 is turning 11 today.

Daniel Saunders was born in England at exactly 11.11am on the 11th of November 2011.

Speaking to SWNS, Daniel said:

 ‘I’ve been looking forward to this birthday a lot. It’s more exciting than any other birthday has ever been.

‘Eleven is a master number in numerology and it means I have good potential in the future.’

‘It’s my lucky number and it’s easy to remember. Nobody ever forgets my birthday!’

His parents say he will get 11 presents on his special day.

Daniel was actually meant to be born on November 17th, but after a slight complication, he arrived a little early.

His mum said: ‘It’s amazing that he was born with all those 11s. It’s been my lucky number since I was a young child. It’s very special to share that with him.’