Looks like this Dad has gone extreme with “put on an extra jumper”

Image via SWNS

As the cost of living crisis continues to affect millions of people – one dad has gone to the extreme trying to save money this winter.

After seeing their bill more than double in price to  £320 (€367) a month, Chavdar Todorov knew his family needed to cut costs.

According to SWNS, the dad has introduced a ‘no electricity at home’ policy where the family wears head torches around the house instead of turning the lights on in the dark.

Image via SWNS

“We don’t know what the bill is going to be like at the end of the month so we’re doing everything we can.

“I can now wear the headtorch and get around without switching on the lights.

“We’re reducing our TV watching and only having it on sometimes.

“We can only do everything we can.”

As well as this, the family is also only turning on the heating once a week.

And instead wrapping up in coats and blankets.

Today news came from a Red C Poll that almost three-quarters of households expect their energy bills to increase in the next six months.

Image via SWNS