79 more people with Covid 19 have died and there are 1,414 new cases confirmed today.

79 more people with Covid 19 have died and there have been 1,414 new cases confirmed today to the HPSC.

608 of the new infections are in Dublin, with 105 in Cork, 96 in Galway, 65 in Meath and 59 in Donegal.

The country’s 14 day incidence rate has dropped to 536.6 per hundred thousand people.

1,492 patients are in hospital with the virus, which includes 211 in intensive care.

Dr. Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health said; “We have experienced over 1,000 deaths and more than 100,000 cases in January 2021.

“We have reported more cases in one month than we experienced throughout 2020. This shows just how quickly this disease can spread and how much it can impact public health.

“The efforts by all of the population in following the basic public health advice has seen us reduce the incidence of the disease very rapidly compared to most countries in Europe.

“Despite the recent, significant decrease in cases, there remains a level of infection in the population which is double that seen at the peak of incidence last October.

“The next few weeks need to see us maintain compliance with all of the measures that are in place so that we can get to levels of the disease that are as low as possible,” he finished.

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