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Ministers are considering more cash payments to households as other cost of living supports are phased out.

A fourth 200 euro electricity credit to be paid in April is one of the measures under consideration.

It’s been away from the headlines but the cost of living crisis is still biting.

The Government is still considering what more to do about it.

Reports this morning a fourth electricity credit of a further 200 euro for all households is being considered.

TD Paul Murphy says that won’t fix the underlying problems;

“People experienced in 2022, average grocery prices going up for an average family by €2000. Their energy bills went up by another €2,000 and their transport costs went up by close to €1,000.”

At the same time some supports currently in place are due to expire at the end of February.

Economist Edgar Morgenroth thinks cuts to fuel tax will be reversed:

“Motoring fuels have actually come down substantially in price. I suspect that’s probably I think what Eamon Ryan is talking about, that that one is going to be phased out”.

So fuel may get more expensive again in March, having dipped in recent weeks.

Meaning a 200 euro credit may be further eaten away on by rising costs.