The app is designed to help public health officials track and slow the spread of the virus.

The HSE says it hopes the new contact tracing app can be launched next week.

The app is designed to help public health authorities track down potential contacts of those who have positive Covid-19 test results, using bluetooth technology to keep a log of any contacts who are considered to have been in close contact.

CEO Paul Reid says any technical or data protection issues have been sorted out.

”We are awaiting it to be brought to cabinet and approved.

”Once it is approved, we’d hope we’d be in a position next week to be launching it”.

How it works.

Tech expert Jess Kelly explained to Newstalk how the app will work after someone is diagnosed with Covid-19 and the contact tracing team is notified.

It will say ”’do you consent to running the app”’, she said.

”And what that means is there’ll be a feature in the app that will then release what is called diagnosis keys.

”And that will then alert anyone’s phone that I was in contact with that day, so that’s when your phone will get buzzing.

”But only if (I) the person who has the app on my phone, makes that happen”.