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A new report suggests concerns about climate change are putting many people off the idea of having children.

A team from University College London looked at 13 studies across various countries, including the USA, Canada and New Zealand.

Some of those questioned were worried about being able to provide for an unborn child, while others were concerned about overpopulation.

Hope Dillarstone, the study’s lead author says his was flagged by “recent media attention.”

She continues by adding that “a number of people have been  factoring their concerns about climate change into their childbearing plans.”

Bracknell News reports, this study involving nearly 11,000 people has revealed worries that bearing children would add to overpopulation and overconsumption.

However, in countries like Zambia, people supported the decision of having more children.

This is due to the belief that the support of their family relies on an additional offspring.