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Japanese brand ekoD Works created the top, and it’s selling fast

Padded and push-up bras may be a thing of the past… thanks to a clever new t-shirt from Japanese brand ekoD.

Women who desire the look of a bigger chest now have the least uncomfortable way to achieve the look yet – and it’s all thanks to a optical illusion.

The front of the t-shirt features a specifically designed black and white grid with areas of shading, which makes the wearer look like they have a very large chest.

It’s available in white and pink and costs €31 from the online retailer.

The online description states: “This t-shirt brings to life the world of MOUSOU(=delusion) that people secretly envision.

“With a unique MOUSOU mapping technology, ekoD Works effectively expresses the volume of your breast by the distorted grid patterns in the front.

“That’s the concept of this “breast boost” printed t-shirt. Wearing it, you will surely attract a great deal of public attention.”

It’s a different story from the side! Source: YouTube

The shirt is proving very popular with people online

One Reddit user wrote: “People are gonna ask why I’m wearing the same shirt in every picture ever from this day forward.”

Another added: “I need this shirt please.”

While one joked: “Do they make pants for guys?”