So she’s mad because he cleaned…

When it comes to dating, people have their preferences, and also the things that are a complete no-no.

Some people want someone who likes their pet, others may want someone who can keep the place clean.

But have you ever heard of someone who gets mad if you do clean?

While this scenario isn’t as black and white as that, it does seem a bit daft.

One man took to Reddit’s ‘Am I The A**hole‘ forum, the place where people ask randomers to judge their situation and tell them if they’re in the right or wrong.

This man shared a recent date he had… he went back to hers after and he says “After the did was done” (we think he means deed..), he went down to her kitchen for a glass of water.

But this wasn’t a simple task – as he failed to find a clean glass.

So he decided to clean one, but as he was so put off by the dirty dishes in the sink he couldn’t drink the water without doing some cleaning.

(Photo: Pixabay)

He says in his “drunk logic” he started doing all of the washing up.

That was until the girl he was out with came down and caught him in the… cleaning act.

Basically, she was not best pleased and took offence to the situation:

He said she was “pissed cause I was overstepping a boundary as dishes, apparently, are extremely personal belongings” so she kicked him out.

So the man has taken to the internet to ask people if he was truly the a**hole in the scenario.

Suffice to say, no one really thought he was an a**hole – and some even said she should’ve married him on the spot!