Soaring energy costs mean Dublin City’s Christmas lights will be turned on later and switched off earlier.

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There are plans to cut the amount of time Dublin city’s Christmas lights go on as the cost-of-living crisis worsens.

Soaring energy costs mean the famous Christmas lights will be switched on later in the day and turned off earlier at night.

Every Christmas Dublin Town spends €500,000 and six weeks erecting 5km of lights along up to 25 streets in the main shopping district of the city and this year will be no different, they promise.

In other efforts to keep the lights environmentally friendly,  Dublin City Council recycle all materials and branding from year to year and they store all the lighting in wooden crates and avoid using any single use plastics.

Dublin Town says the festive decorations will go up as normal in November but they expect to reduce the time the lights are on.

It comes as the Environment Minister, Eamon Ryan, recently said councils are considering their approach to the festive decorations this year as energy prices soar.

A business group in the capital, which is in charge of the famous lights, says the spectacle is important to people.

Richard Guiney, CEO of the Dublin business group, says they’re looking at reducing how long they remain lit, however as per tradition, the Grafton Street and Henry Street lights will stay on longest.