Nothing beats a Christmas classic, but what about some more recent releases?

We’re talking proper Christmas films you watch with friends or family, and these recent flicks look pretty good.

Here are some of the newer movies you should look out for this festive season.

A Boy Called Christmas

This movie gives off serious Narnia vibes, so if you’re a fan of those movies, this one could be perfect for you and the family.

Based off the book by Matt Haig, it’s a retelling of the story of Father Christmas starring Maggie Smith and Kristen Wiig.

Nikolas, born in a small Finnish village on Christmas Day, sets off to find his father alongside Blitzen the deer.

What happens when he ends up in the village of the elves, Elfhalm?

A Boy Called Christmas is out on Netflix now.

Single All the Way

This movie looks set to take all the old rom-com clichés and turn them right around.

Peter is desperate to not show up to his family’s Christmas dinner single again, especially with his parents interfering in his love life.

So he convinces his best friend Nick to join him and the family over Christmas and pretend to be Peter’s boyfriend.

That is, until he gets a blind date and things start to get interesting…

Single All The Way is out on Netflix now.

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

A staple of Netflix’s Christmas catalogue for the past few years, The Princess Switch returns.

Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical is literally a triple threat in this, playing three different roles.

She once again plays Queen Margaret, Princess Stacy and Margaret’s cousin Fiona.

When a relic from the Kingdom of Montaro is stolen, Fiona must team up with someone from her past to retrieve it.

The result… you guessed it – a surprise switch!

The Princess Switch 3:Romancing the Star is out now on Netflix.

A Castle for Christmas

If you’re looking for a classic rom-com, this is the one for you.

Brooke Shields plays Sophie Brown, a best selling romance novel writer.

She travels to Scotland to buy herself a castle (because what else would you be doing with your royalties?)

Naturally, when she tries to buy Duke Myles’s castle (played by Cary Elwes), he’s not too impressed.

And because it’s a rom-com, their arguing eventually turns into something more.

A Castle for Christmas is out on Netflix now.

Let It Snow

And finally, this one is from 2019 but is perfect if you’re looking for a Love Actually type film.

Based on the novel by John Green and Maureen Johnson, a snowstorm brings a group of teenagers in a small town together on Christmas Eve.

The various stories that unfold as a result are their own forms of a Christmas miracle.

You can watch Let it Snow now on Netflix.