There’s a handy reward on offer!

Well, looks like we’ve got a good ol’ fashioned mystery on our hands Ireland!

The band tasked with playing the celebration tune every time there’s a winner in The National lottery, have simply up and vanished from National lottery HQ.

The exhausted band left the following note detailing why exactly they’ve absconded:

‘’We’re done.

Here we are, playing our fingers to the bone while person after every person wins from playing Lotto New Lotto Plus.

When do we get our chance?

Ever since the main prize for the New Lotto Plus doubled from €500,000 to €1 Million we’ve been thinking of ways we can enter…

We want a piece of the pie.

We want to the one’s celebrating winning more cash prizes, we want to be the millionaires!

Come and get us.


The Celebrations.’’

Clearly, things have been a bit flat back at National Lottery HQ since the band took off.

So we thought we’d assist in tracking them down, but obviously we need your help!

All this week on The AO Show, and The Lift, you can bag yourself a cool 300-Euro! Simply by following our online clues to find The Celebrations Band.

Once your sure of their location, simply head there quick as you can, snap a picture with them, and you could win the cash.

Find the Celebration’s and win, all next week long on the AO show and the Lift…

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