They’re looking for “two exceptional young actors”.

Netflix’s The Crown has put out a casting call for a young Prince William and Harry for season 6 of the series.

In the notice it says they’re on the search for “two exceptional young actors”.

However, professional acting experience is not needed.

It says producers are “experienced in providing a great deal of support for the young actors and their families through what they find is a uniquely rewarding creative process.”

What candidates would need though is “a strong physical resemblance”, to the princes in their late teens and early 20s:

(Photo: Twitter: @KateBoneCasting)

They’re looking for lookalike actors aged 16 to 21 for William and 16 to 20 for Harry.

And they’ve emphasised that both parts will be “significant” roles in the season.

It’s to be The Crown’s final season.

To apply, you’ll need a selfie, and a short video telling them all about something you love doing.

They’re looking through applicants over the next 2 months, so if you’re interested don’t dilly dally.

Here’s the full details if you’re looking to get your name on the list of candidates:

(Photo: Twitter @KateBoneCasting)