Cities should be car-free on Sundays, according to the National Youth Assembly.


(Source: Pexels)

The National Youth Assembly wants cities to be car free on Sundays in an effort to cut down on carbon emissions.

It’s one of the recommendations the group has made to the government in a report.

The call comes just weeks away from the publication of the government’s 2023 Climate Action Plan.

The movement is part of a push to make all cities car-free, to cut carbon emissions.

Young climate activists compiled recommendations on how carbon emissions can be cut, with a report launched by Green Party leader Eamon Ryan and Children’s Minister Roderic O’Gorman.

Their recommendations include initiatives to provide support to retrofit older buildings by increasing grants and making loans more accessible.

They also want fast fashion to be stopped, with the introduction of eco-labels.

The National Youth Assembly believes steps to reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change should be introduced as urgently as restrictions that were put in place during the pandemic.