An Oireachtas committee have been hearing from experts on it.

An Oireachtas committee is expected to recommend new health measures on car advertising today.

It’s been examining if Ireland should follow the lead of France and introduce ‘tobacco style’ advisories.

They would include warnings of emissions, climate change and the damage to public health.

In France car adverts must all now recommend the use of public transport or walking for shorter journeys.

The committee has been hearing from experts that motor advertising are ‘very sexy’ but often unrealistic.

And also that they often ignore climate change and pedestrian injuries.

Environmental journalist John Gibbons believes it would have an impact.

“The analogy with cigarettes is very strong and pertinent. We’ve been fooled, we’ve been misled,” he said.

“I think many people sitting in their expensive cars this morning are there because we haven’t invested strongly enough in public transport,” he added.

And of course there is an incredibly powerful car lobby that is advertising between every break, telling us that the glamorous way is the private car.”