Cameron reveals what life is like inside the Big Brother house!

Photo via Instagram (ccole_99)

Cameron Cole is the youngest winner of Big Brother and took home a prize of £100,000 back in 2018.

He is also the most recent winner of Big Brother UK as the reality TV show came to a halt after the 19th series.

When asked about life inside the BB house he said “I miss it every day, I felt so safe there.

Cameron shared a very personal part of his life while in the Big Brother house as he revealed his sexuality on screen.

When chatting on The Hub with Louise Clarke, Cameron reveals that he received a lot of homophobic abuse after the show.

He said he got “death threats” in person and on social platforms.

Cameron also received “homophobic messages at least once a day” for a year after the show.

The reboot of Big Brother was back on ITV last night.