Who doesn’t love an Easter Hide?

The days of just giving someone an Easter egg are behind us – this year it’s all about the Cadbury Worldwide Hide.

Cadbury want you to get creative and show someone you care by hiding an Easter egg for someone you love!

The Cadbury Worldwide Hide lets us place a virtual egg anywhere in the world.

(Photo: worldwidecadbury.ie)

Maybe you took a trip together to New York, went interrailing in Italy, or simply spent a weekend at the Aran Islands.

Or maybe there’s one place they’ve always dreamed of going?

Well, that’s the kind of inspiration you need to hide a virtual egg on Cadbury’s map and show someone you know them really well.

Here’s how it works:

Step One

Choose to Hide an egg and gift a real one with the Pay to Play option OR choose to Hide a virtual egg for your loved one the Free to Play option.

Step Two

Think of a hiding spot that means something to you both and then hide the egg on the map.

Photo: worldwidecadbury.ie

Step Three

Write a special clue to help them figure out where you’ve put their egg – make it easy or hard, the choice is yours!

Once you’ve written it, send it their way.

(Photo: worldwidecadbury.ie)

And Step Four

Once they have your clue, they can start searching for their egg on the map.

And hey, wish them a bit of luck – the world’s a fairly big place.

Ready to sign up?

Head on over to the registration page here and get thinking of a hiding spot!

The Cadbury Worldwide Hide really has it all – fun, chocolate and for every egg that is purchased on the Worldwide Hide, Cadbury will donate 2€ to Barnardos

So, what are you waiting for? Think of your friend/family member, choose a hiding place and start hiding  today!

Fancy coming live on-air to play our Worldwide Hide game for your chance win a pair of Cadbury Hampers for you and a mate? Register here

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