The former Prime Minister has been called a “coward” by the UK Labour Party

Image via Flickr/@chathamhouse

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has dramatically quit the House of Commons.

Boris Johnson has been called a “coward” by the UK Labour Party for resigning as an MP before a report into whether he misled Parliament is published.

The former British prime minister is stepping down after seeing the conclusions from the Privileges Committee over the ‘partygate’ scandal.

In an angry statement he’s called proceedings against him over lockdown parties a “kangaroo court”.

But political analyst Alistair Campbell says he’s only got himself to blame.

“Anybody who has ever known Boris Johnson, knows that the guy was utterly unfit for public office. He’s done fundamental damage to the country, he’s done fundamental damage to the standards in public life and his statement is utterly Trumpian.”

Boris Johnson’s former press secretary, Will Walden thinks he jumped before he was pushed:

“By resigning he’s forever able to say, ‘I delivered Brexit, I won a huge majority and yet those pesky Tory MP’s did me over and now some biased committee has pushed me out, all to stop Brexit'”.