Saving money… something we all love

No matter what age, what job, what gender, race, religious beliefs or income… One thing we ALL have in common is a desire to save our money!

Shopping for sales, special offers, car pooling, staying in on a Saturday night, are just a few of the things we’re willing to do to save some ourselves cash.

So why is it some of us are seemingly content blowing cash on unsuitable insurance policies? Doesn’t make sense does it…

In fact we just won’t have it!

So we’ve teamed up with Blue Insurance to show you a few ways you can save your cents when it comes to Insurance:

Home: A handy tip for lowering the cost of your Home Insurance is making sure your home has functional Smoke and Burglar alarms. This automatically reduces the risk associated with your policy – which means you get a lower premium! And less burglars.

Motor: You may be proud of your job title, but Insurers don’t really care… Let’s say your title is, “Global Director for Logistical Adherence.” Sounds great. But it’s totally unclear what you actually do and how much you’ll be on the road. So tell Insurance Agencies what is is you ACTUALLY do in your job and it may result in you getting a lower premium. Otherwise, you may be placed in a higher category, which would suck.

Travel:multi trip policy is a great way to save money on Travel Insurance. While researching the various levels of cover that are detailed in the policy documents is also a handy tip. That’s so you don’t end up over insuring yourself for an activity i.e. Skydiving, that you have no intention of doing.

Gadget: People often get pressured into buying gadget insurance over the counter  when they purchase their device. However! By purchasing this type of insurance from a dedicated gadget insurance company, you can get a far more competitive price.

Pet: Anyone who’s ever owned a pet would know how expensive Vet fees can be. Which means a pet Insurance policy is always the safe option. Having your cat or dog micro chipped, vaccinated with appropriate protection and insured while still young and healthy will result in a cheaper premium than otherwise.

As well as all these little tips, lots of insurance companies will offer discounts when you combine different policies i.e. both car and home from the same provider may result in a discount.

So always keep an eye out for promotional discounts or codes from companies around dates such as Black Friday, Bank Holiday Mondays and other public holidays!

There you have it! Some handy little hacks you can use to keep more Euro’s in your pocket.

If you’re keen on some more information, you can head to Blue Insurance’s website HERE.

These tips were put together with help from the team over at Blue Insurance. Check out their deals on car and home insurance to see how much you can save. You can also find great value policies on Blue’s other successful websites such as,, and