They are to be nominated by MP Colm Eastwood

“The Petrol Bomber and Bloody Sunday” by wfbakker2 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The familes of those that died on Bloody Sunday in Derry are to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Social Democratic and Labour MP Colm Eastwood.

He says no other group is more deserving of such an accolade, as those from his City who continue to seek answers from the British Government.

13 people were shot dead in Derry by the British Army on this weekend 51 years ago, a 14th victim died some weeks later in hospital.

Colm Eastwood says the proposed legislation by the British to end legacy investigations will only prolong the suffering for the families of those that died in Derry.

Mr Eastwood spoke ahead of attending the 51st anniversary commemoration event in Derry, saying:

“These people have been put through a horrendous ordeal, but throughout they have shown no bitterness and kept on with a quiet dignity and the assurance of one who is just in their cause.

“No matter what has been thrown at them, they have never given up hope and have used their platform to support and educate others advocating civil rights, peace, justice and reconciliation.”