Black Friday is only a few days away now. 

The last Friday in November has now descended into online shopping pandemonium.

This year, Black Friday is set to be the biggest yet with many online and local retailers offering deals.

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Many like to upgrade their tech items – whether it be headphones, laptops, phones or PCs.

According to website Trusted Reviews – here is what’s trending to be the most sought after tech items.

Surprisingly, a games console not named the PS5 tops the list.

  1. Nintendo Switch
  2. Laptops
  3. TVs
  4. iPhone
  5. Mobile phones
  6. iPad
  7. PlayStation
  8. Dyson Hair Dryer
  9. Airpods
  10. Xbox

The Nintendo Switch will likely be a popular item come Christmas time.

The new OLED version of the Switch was released this year, with the original console released in 2017.

Laptops and TVs dominate the second and third choices on the list.

Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro is the latest installment for the phone giant.

Further down the list, a Dyson Hair Dryer could set you back upwards of 400 euro.