Christmas party season is almost upon us, and this is one you don’t want to miss.

bingo loco

We’re hosting a night of total, unhinged criac in Galway with Bingo Loco.

iRadio and Bingo Loco are taking over Leisure Land in Galway on Friday night December 2nd – and we want to get your name on our guest list.

Picture it: 200 people in a room, cheesy tunes, CO2 cannons, confetti coming out your ears – pure unadulterated MADNESS.

Originally formed in Dublin, Bingo Loco has since filled theaters and venues across the world from New York to Dubai to Sydney, entertaining hundreds of thousands of people as it goes – so we’re buzzing to team up on this one!

In 2019, Bingo Loco sold more tickets than any other event in Ireland (including Riverdance and Spice Girls).

Known for a trademark sense of madness that has turned the traditional game on its head, Bingo Loco is all about carnage and chaos.

With sensational prizes which in the past have ranged from a brand new car, a VIP Coachella experience, a trip to Vegas, to the absurd such as a lawnmower or 10-foot teddy bears, you’re not going to want to miss it.

Sound like a bitta you?

If you want to be knee deep in absolute craic in Leisure Land, Galway on December 2nd, all you have to do is stay listening to iRadio win.