Is there something in the air?

New research shows just how popular summertime is for break ups in Ireland.

HB has dug deep into Irish dating psyche and releaved that one in three of us will experience a summer breakup. (33%)

The survey was conducted on 459 individuals aged 18 – 65+, and also revealed that day dates are on the rise with 76% of Irish daters going on one in the past 12 months.

Single people seem to be living their best lives too, with a third of single Irish people (30%) going on at least 1 date per week and a further 15% date every other week. Not too shabby!

Also, if you fear that a first date didn’t go well, you may have time to redeem yourself – if you want to, of course. Over half of Irish people will go on 2-3 dates before deciding if they like you. We suspect this might have something to do with online dating?!

Interestingly, 57% of those surveyed claimed the consecutive dates helped change their opinions of their partner for the better.

Almost three quarters (72%) of Irish people having suffered an awkward date, with 37.5% of these admitting that they’ve had to escape from one!