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A new survey has found we spend three and a half days a year in the bath or shower, and a day-and-a-half waiting to use the bathroom.

Those aged 18 to 34 spend the most time washing themselves, with 60 per cent showering at least once a day and spending an average of 17 minutes each time.

Not replacing toilet rolls, leaving hair in the drain and not putting the toilet seat down are the worst bathroom sins, according to the research involving 2,000 people by Plumbworld.

A further 9% of people said they enjoy an alcoholic beverage to go along with their bathroom experience.

Sixteen per cent of people said they had washed their pet in the bathroom, and 2 per cent admitted to taking things to a whole new level and actually enjoying a shower with their pet.

Manwhile 12 per cent of people revealed they like to sing their hearts out in the shower.