Would you be pressured to drink by these classic phrases?

Image via Pexels.com

Say goodbye to hearing phrases like “same again” and “is that a double?” in your local.

A warning has been issued to bar staff that would mean they’ll avoid these classic lines.

The Daily Mail reports, this advice comes from the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD)

It’s believed the updated guidance from the alcohol industry worldwide will encourage people working in pubs not to use language that makes customers feel pressured to drink more.

Instead of “same again”, drinkers should be asked “what would you like this time?”

And “would you like a small or large measure?”, rather than “do you want a large one?”.

It’s expected thousands of people across the globe will be trained by the IARD, so expect to hear an altered ‘script’ when you order your next pint or vodka white.