And we can’t stop playing it!

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One of the most talked about Irish films this year has been turned into a retro-inspired videogame.

While we were all disappointed The Banshees of Inisheerin didn’t take home any oscars, our attention has now shifted to Banshees The Game.

The Martin McDonagh film has been transformed into a free Pac-Man style browser game.

Brendan Gleeson’s character Colm Doherty is tasked with getting to the pub while avoiding Colin Farrell’s “boring” Pádraic Súilleabháin.

Level One explains: “Boring Colin is trying to be your friend! Run away! Catch 5 fingers and get to the pub before he catches you.”

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When caught, Colm says “I don’t like you no more” like Gleeson in the film.

As you work your way through the levels, other characters from the film make appearances, like Dominic who is played by Barry Keoghan and Jenny the Donkey.

As well as this, there are loads of other nods to the film, like the way it begins with the word “PINT!”.

Cogs & Marvel are behind the game and you can check it out here.

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