Have you ever considered changing your name or your baby’s name?

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A couple who’ve already changed their baby’s name once are considering changing it again.

The father posted about his dilemma over on Mumsnet. He explained that:

“When my wife was pregnant, I wanted to call her Olive after my Olive tree. A couple of weeks before she was born, I thought Maeve was a nice name also.”

“When she was born, I was torn between the two names, the midwife put pressure on us to name the baby, so we named her Maeve. However, 6 months on, my wife and I didn’t like Maeve because it is one syllable, so we then changed her name to Mavis Olive.”

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He continued:

“My wife loves the name, Mavis. I like it more than Maeve, but it doesn’t really warm to me. I really regret not naming her Olive.”

He also went on to explain that the dilemma is causing a bit of stress:

 “I guess I’m worried she might not like her name one day too. This issue has me really stressed.”

There was a mixed reaction on the forum with some users agreeing that Mavis is a beautiful name. Do you think he should keep his baby’s name or change it for a third time to a name he truly loves?