Image via Instagram?@redfern_convenience_store

A shopkeeper in Australia has come up with a novel idea to stop people from stockpiling toilet roll.

Hazem Sedda is the owner of Redfern Convenience Store in Sydney. He realised that the elderly and vulnerable people coming into his shop were unable to get their hands on toilet paper and so, came up with a genius way to help them out.

To deter people from stockpiling, he whacked up the price of two packets of toilet roll to $99 (about €55). He kept one pack of loo roll to the normal price of $3.50 but punished anyone looking to buy more than one.

On a sign in store, he also told his customers – “Don’t be greedy, think of the other people.”

He told Daily Mail Australia why he decided to up the price for two:

“Everyone was taking two or three and telling me it was for their mum or sister. It was annoying they kept ignoring the sign.”

“When I put the two pack for $99 everyone was just taking one. No one came up with two.”