If you want a cheap pint, then an Army barracks is where you’ll find it.


Image via Wikipedia Creative Commons

The cost of everything has skyrocketed these days and alcohol is no different.

That is, unless, you’re in an army barracks or manage to find yourself in the army barracks bar.

A Freedom of Information Request by the Irish Independent has unveiled some of the cheap prices for a pint.

A pint of Guinness in the 43 military barracks across the county will cost €3.30.

A bottle of beer €2.40 while a white spirit and tonic is just €3.10.

The military bars – also known as Messes – aren’t open to the public.

Civilians are allowed in on the invitation of a member of the Defence Forces.

The Army Mess used to be subsidised by the taxpayer, but have been self-funded through profits since 2015.

As always, remember to drink responsibly. See drinkaware.ie.